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I am a modern girl; I like a natural, unobtrusive style. For most of your wedding day, I want you to feel like I am not there. Very often in my reviews wedding couples say “I didn't even know she was there” or “we didn’t know you took that portrait”. If I am going to capture all those candid images and get you looking your very best, I need to be stealthy and if that means bobbing around in ninja mode then that is what I will do! At the heart of Cheshire is all its roman tradition, but it is also a modern area. This for me also reflects in a wedding as the traditional elements are there, but we also like to add our own modern twist.

Hi, I am Marie, a Cheshire wedding photographer, passionate about weddings and not just in Cheshire! Every wedding is unique, but what is consistent are family and friends enjoying the marriage day. You will want to remember the celebrations forever and therefore hiring a trustworthy photographer who is going to rock your wedding is a must. Every wedding photographer, whether that be in Cheshire or anywhere in the UK, will have their own unique style. It is important that you find a professional who has a style and approach that works for you and your nuptials.

HI I AM MARIE and I LOVE SAUSAGE DOGS. NAMED one of the top wedding photographers. I LIKE TO SHOOT IMAGES AS UNIQUE AS YOu.

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“A top wedding photographer in Cheshire, Marie will wow your day”

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We are so excited you are here! Since 2009, I've picked up many awards along the way, shooting 100’s of weddings in Cheshire and around the UK. I’ll capture the excitement of seeing your partner walk down the aisle, your family and friends' faces, the laughter, the tears, the dancing (good and bad!) and the happiness you will feel to be married.

You DISLIKE POSING and want those natural images of you AT your wedding.

Getting in and around Cheshire

I’ve got you.

Cheshire has many roads making it easy to travel around. The A55 creates a semi-circle around Chester and then you have the A494, A41, A51, A483, M56, and the A494 all feeding into the county. Cheshire also borders Wales and therefore it is a glorious spot to adventure further.

You also have the River Dee that flows through Cheshire. Wedding guests can use this for many water sports and boat trips.

The more rural villages are where you will find some of the stately homes and rustic wedding venues. These also are easily accessible, but you will have some typical English country roads, but usually they have magnificent views.

Stealth is my middle name. I am like a little ninja popping up here and there capturing those moments on your day.

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Hi, I am Marie (& Harper!)

Yes, I cover Cheshire and I’m lucky to work all over the mainland UK. Your marriage will be very personal to you and I’ll get to know you a little in advance to help me capture images that document an intimate record of all the touches you bring to the marriage and you as a couple on the biggest day of your lives so far.

For all your Cheshire and UK needs.

With over 10 years' experience capturing around 300 ceremonies, you are in safe hands. I’ll gladly shoot any specific images or group shots and I’m all about creating some stunning couple portraits, but mostly you’ll find me mingling with your guests, listening for funny stories and getting the fun and laughter that invariably follows.

I’d love to chat with you about your wedding photography needs. We could grab a coffee or tea, whether that be in a coffee shop, or online if you are further afield than Cheshire and its surrounding areas.

What does Cheshire offer for wedding photographs

Some of my favourite things to do in Cheshire that I think your guests will love

Wedding Photographer Cheshire

Chester Zoo is one of my favourite places to visit. You can spend an entire day here with your guests. Our family also has a connection with the River Dee and the Chester Boat sightseeing tours, who also have done hen parties.

Chester Cathedral is another favourite stop of ours and do not forget Grosvenor Park. We have photographed many couples on engagement shoots and weddings days in the park over the years in amongst the Roman gardens.

One of my favourite walks is around the Chester city walls. They built the walls in red sandstone and they are the best preserved in the UK. There are four main gates that are each worthy of a special visit for photos: Northgate, Eastgate, Bridgegate and Watergate. I love shopping and the rows in Chester City centre are stunning.

Cheshire wedding venues

The charming and historical county of Cheshire is a fabulous location for your nuptials. We have listed many Cheshire weddings over on our blog which can you look through and see just some of the incredible venues we have worked at over the years. I live close to the beautiful city of Chester in the West of Cheshire, where you will find the medieval walls which are well preserved and still lining the city centre.

An enormous amount of Cheshire venues are on vast estates and they provide a huge choice of locations to photograph in. With so many venues to choose from, you will struggle to find the perfect one, although it is not an awful problem to have!

We have visited some of the most incredible venues in Cheshire from grand old buildings such as Colshaw Hall and Peckforton Castle, cosy and quirky Cheshire pubs like The Cock O Barton and Oddfellows and vast estates such as Tatton Park and Abbeywood Estate.

Just be you and I will capture those memories.



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