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If you are looking for a wedding photographer in North Wales, Jason and I have been photographing here since 2009 and have visited nearly every venue over the years.

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North Wales wedding photographers

Jason and I have been based on the North Wales border for the majority of our adult lives. Myself originating from South Wales and Jason from Chester.

We have been doing wedding photography in North Wales since 2009 and I would imagine have visited every wedding venue in North Wales by now. We still get very excited to visit these places and it is always nice to go back in different seasons and we just love to see a couples take on the wedding venue.

Wedding photography in North Wales is always special to us as its our home and we love particularly to see the faces of guests of have never been to North Wales before and love our mountain views. Sometimes you don’t appreciate how lucky you are to do wedding photography somewhere so beautiful until you see the faces of those who have never seen North Wales before, and it makes you feel very lucky.

Congratulations to you on choosing North Wales for your wedding and I hope if you like our style we can create something special for you for your wedding day.