I’m chuffed to bits because we’ve only gone and been awarded the Best Photographers in North Wales by the Welsh National Wedding Awards! I looked originally and thought nah I’ve got no chance but someone said go on you could walk this, so I thought why not and sent out an e-mail to my customers telling them about the award and asked if they would like to vote for me. And here is where I gush! I got so many replies

Here are a few, there are many more and check out Facebook as well

Paul Smith 🙂 Thank you
Jason, Simone and Callum,
Tom Finchett,
“Good luck, please keep me updated, hope you win”. Charlette
“Hope you get the votes! “, Kirsty & Andrew
“Wishing you the very best of luck, you totally deserve to win!” Claire & David
Sabrina & Tom
“I hope you win”, Heather & Liam
“good luck J”:)Naomi & Matthew
“good luck”:) Mark & Sarah
Marie & Scott
“good luck!, Fingers crossed for you both!”Naddie & Richard x x x

Thanks you from the bottom of our hearts

I was sure we were shortlisted but Jason thought we had no chance! It was amazing to get the letter through that we were in. The dress shopping started then and I found the perfect one on ebay for less than £10, bargain!

We booked the hotel and it was off to Swansea which was lovely to visit as I spent so much of my youth there as I grew up in South Wales in a lovely beach town called Llanelli.
The event was fantastic and was Alice in Wonderland themed. There were giant teapots and rabbits and live music and a lovely 3 course meal. I honestly thought we had no chance to win not least as I was sat at the last table furthest from the stage, and I thought they would never put us here if we’ve won!

But so it was they called my name and we both stumbled to the stage! Here is our official picture taken by Rob at Purecreations photography. Sorry we are looking in odd directions we had a few drinks by the time this was taken!

Marie and Jason

So there we have it Best Wedding Photographers in North Wales. That’s pretty cool. I think I may get more confidence and get in a few more competitions next year!


Thanks so much to everyone who voted this is for you x