Cheshire Farm Pre-Wedding Shoot

Have you thought about a pre-wedding shoot?

So you are thinking about having a Pre-Wedding Shoot? What is the benefit to you? I write a lot more in my latest pre-wedding shoot blog post. Here are some of the main benefits:

  1. Help you get used to the camera
  2. Help you learn to pose and relax for the camera
  3. Prepare you for better photographs on our wedding day
  4. You can get some really cool wow products, so why not enhance your wedding day. Our Luxe signing boards and Interactive guests books can really enhance your wedding day.
Cheshire Pre-Wedding Photography

Kim and Paul opted for a Cheshire farm pre-wedding shoot at the family farm in Twemlow. The wedding will be at Kim’s family farm in Aldersey Cheshire.

Choosing a pre-wedding shoot location

I braved the cows and battled the strong sun for some fabulous country scenes. I recommend large open spaces for pre-wedding shoots. It makes for dramatic backgrounds.

Farm in Cheshire pre wedding photographs

Think about the weather

The skies were blue and the ground dry which is perfect for a stroll. Consider the weather when preparing for your photography shoot. Specifically chose two or three days were you are free so the best weather day can be used.

What to wear

Farmer Paul modelled for a farmers magazine previously. Then, he modelled for our photoshoot. Paul dressed in a casual short and blue t-shirt combo.

Kim opted for a tight-fitting top and jeans accessorised with a scarf. Colours were coordinated and there was no fussy patterns or dating logos. Coupled together these things make a perfect outfit.

Pre-wedding photographer Cheshire

Best time of day to photograph

This photoshoot was photographed during the daytime when very bright and sunny. It is not ideal for photographs; however, professional photographers know tips and tricks to get around this. In contrast, it is ideal to pick the golden hour. Golden hour light is a lot softer at the hour before sunset and is the best time to photograph. You can find out the time the golden hour is for your pre-wedding shoot on Metogram.

Wedding photography Cheshire

This shoot was a lot of fun, I hope you enjoyed the images! If you’d like an engagement or couple shoot get in touch via our Contact Page.