Augusts first wedding is David and Liz getting married at one of our favourite wedding venues Iscoyd Park. Recently, I started asking our couples for a little background about themselves for their sneak peek and Liz was kind enough to send us this info! Thanks David and Liz for having us, we had a fabulous day and we hope you enjoy your preview. x

How We Met:
I was 17 and working a summer job at a local nursery. David’s mum also worked there and decided David should earn his keep when home from University for the summer. David caught my eye as the only male employee … and it helped that he was tall, dark and rather handsome. I missed David’s last day but wanted to keep in touch and managed to persuade his sister (also on a summer job!) to pass on my phone number. We kept up a long-distance relationship whilst at University and David’s family moving back down South. David moved back up North to live with me and 10 years after our first date, he finally proposed.

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The Proposal:
We had talked loosely about getting married and I had always said that I didn’t need a grand proposal abroad and would be happy for it to be an out-of-the-blue, walk-in-the-country kind of surprise. So I was certainly not expecting him to propose during our road trip around Italy! Apparently he had carried the ring around with him for days waiting for the right moment, but it had always seemed too cheesy or too public. It was wonderful when he called me to our hotel balcony overlooking Sorrento to ‘take photos’ and popped the question instead. Shortly after our evening meal we went back to our hotel room and watched a huge firework display from the balcony which David would have me believe he ordered for the occasion, but which was a absolute coincidence. Perfect!

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Our Wedding Vision:
Elegant, family, country, lacy, fun, us.

We never had a specific vision for our wedding but, like most brides, I wanted our wedding to be full of personal details. We have a pet budgie and both love birds, so this is reflected in our table names and our paper crane decorations. My mum is walking me down the aisle, after my bridesmaids (my sister and my best friend) and page boy (my brother). Our sisters Christina and Rebecca will be our witnesses and our close friends Becky and Russ (who will come all the way from Dubai) will be doing our readings. David struggled to choose his best man, so he is having two. Double trouble! My ‘something borrowed’ is a crystal which my grandma lent to my mum for her wedding and which I am now lucky enough to decorate my new bracelet with. A few years ago David’s grandma gave us an old tablecloth which I squirreled away to use on our wedding day, as it is made with Nottingham lace, where my husband-to-be was born. I am so glad I did because it is perfect for our table of photographs of our parents and grandparents on their wedding days. The process of gathering these photos was so lovely, as we got to find out about our ancestors, talk about how traditions have changed over the years and hear love stories from the past.

By the time we get married, we will have been engaged for two years so it has been a long time coming!

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Our Suppliers:
Bride’s Dress: House of Mooshki (from Swan Brides, Congleton)
Groom’s Suit: Without Prejudice
Venue: Iscoyd Park
Food: Rupert Frazer Worden
Cake: Morrisby Cakes (designed, baked and decorated by sister of the bride and her fiancé)
Flowers: Selina Godsal Flowers
Harpist: Branka Crowder
Band: Four on the Floor
Hair & Makeup: Rebecca Forshaw

Marie & Jason x