Donna and Mark are a great couple to be around. There were no nerves apart from Donna’s sister who seemed to have taken everybody’s nerves on board! The day started in Chateau Rhianfa where Donna and her bridesmaid Jess were getting ready for the ceremony (Good luck in your exams Jess I am sure you will ace them).

The ceremony was in the most beautiful church St Mary’s and St Nicholas, it has to be one of my all-time favourites. In case anyone is interested in chilies, Jason told me that the chilly shop just around the corner from the church grows one of the hottest chillies you can get! Radom stop in the story sorry!

Some of the bits I have to mention from the ceremony were the reading of St Paul’s to the Corinthians. As you can imaging I have heard it a few times, I even had the passage at my own wedding, it is one of my favourites but never have I heard it read so well and with so much felling behind it, it was lovely. Then there was Jess and her beautiful voice. Jess if you are wondering why your Dad looks a tad miserable in the photos while you are singing it’s because he’s trying to stop himself from crying, the photos are so sweet!

After the ceremony and the drive past the chilly shop we went back to Chateau Rhianfa for canapes a few photos and the party! The day flowed wonderfully and the evening bands were fab. I hope you enjoy the images here and your full set will be out in three weeks xx