Janine and Gareth met 9 years ago in the Tivoli in Buckley on a rock night. Janine says she fell for Gareth straight away and he says he felt the same but it wasn’t until early 2011 that they actually admitted their feelings and became a couple. They had a daugther, Celyn, on 24th October 2013, but she was actually due on Christmas Eve and her name is Welsh for Holly, to keep the Christmas link.

There wasn’t a proposal, early in the relationship they discussed marriage and their future, like most couples do. They both agreed that 2015 sounded ideal and we both liked the look of Plas Isaf, however neither had every been there. A couple of years later, while Janine was pregnant, they found out that the barn was having a wedding fayre so joked about going along to have a look even though they were not engaged. They ended up deciding to actually go and they both loved the place and booked it a month later.

Janine doesn’t have an engagement ring, as she is not a jewellery person, instead she has a welsh love spoon, that Gareth carved himself.

Gareth works with wood, he makes decorative wooden homewares and garden furniture. Janine has a love for themeparks. Their wedding theme is mainly a wood/tree theme, with elements of rollercosters thrown in.