Louise and Dewi got married in a gorgeous church in Caerwys followed by a reception in Tower Hill Barns in Llangollen. Tower Hill barns has recently undergone a huge renovation project and looks amazing set amongst rolling Welsh hills.

Some of the things I loved from this wedding:

Best bits

There were lots of best bits but one of the things I will most remember is Louise Stole. She hadn’t even tried it on with her wedding dress but knew as soon as she put it on it was the right choice. It looked fantastic and perfect for an autumn wedding.

Favourite Décor from the day

My favourite wedding décor had to be the colour scheme. I never would have put grey and red together but it looked incredible together. Beautiful choice.

Favourite wedding photograph

I have two, I love the mother and daughter dancing as if you know my photos well I love love love a happy smiley picture. But on the flip side I don’t mind a bit of drama too and Louise on the stairs showing off the back of her dress looks just stunning.

What three things come to mind when you think of the wedding.

1. Lovely people
2. Gorgeous colour scheme
3. Stunning food

On with the photographs!