The driveway to Lowri’s house was lined with banners and looked fabulous. The day started off wet but did clear up. It didn’t seem to affect anyone’s spirits as everyone had a great time. I have to mention how amazing it was to hear the cows and sheep as background noise during the wedding service. I just love the countryside.

Best bits
The best bit for me had to b the Welsh wedding service. I’ve been to many bilingual services but never one entirely in Welsh. I was surprised with how well I kept up so maybe my Welsh lessons are paying off finally!

Favourite Décor from the day

I loved the drapes used in the Plas Isaf. They looked fab particularly behind the band.

Favourite wedding photograph

I just love Lowri and her little dog so cute.

What three things come to mind when you think of the wedding.
1. Wales
2. Animals
3. Dancing