Nikki and Oli live in an amazing house which is currently Oli’s DIY project. I must say Oli you’re doing a great job and the bathroom is looking great!

The day started in their house where the lovely Nicky at Paint me Beautiful was doing the brides make-up after three shades of pink lippy Nikki settled on the first one (a girl after my own heart)!
The morning was full of giggles and Nikki’s parents and bridesmaids were all fantastic in the morning and I even got a lovely cup of tea, thank you!

The car arrived and Nikki like all my brides this year was on time. We arrived at Tower Hill Barns into the sunshine but sadly it had been too wet to get married outdoors. Indoors however under the gorgeous lights and lovely set up Nikki and Oli said ‘I Will’.

The rest of the day went swimmingly and I am not referring to the rain! Everyone had a great time and I think that’s in part to the great family and friends Nikki and Oli have and the fantastic venue in Tower Hill Barns

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