Rebecca and James – Two peas in a pod

This is their story…

How you met –
We met back in June 2012 online and I think our first conversation was about Anchorman lol. Turns out he knew just as many quotes from the film as I did. For a couple of weeks we just talked for hours on end on the phone, before our first date Friday 6th July at Upstairs At The Grill in Chester.

The proposal –
Was September 6th 2014 around 3pm lol. James has already asked my Dads permission. James proposed at our favourite bar in Ibiza Café Del Mar whilst we sat drinking and talking. I was shaking so much I forgot which hand the ring went on lol.

Wedding vision –
Relaxed day and a chance to have a good catch up with the people closest to us. I think everyone is also looking forward to James dancing as he is a free spirit when he dances  the music just takes him