All the details:

The ceremony was at St.Asaph Parish Church, which is our third visit to this beautiful church.

Steph hired a campervan as a surprise for Andy.

After the ceremony they were driving to their reception venue at Bodrhyddan Hall in Trefnant.

There they were served afternoon tea followed by a hogroast.

The marquee was from brookhouse Mill Denbigh and they also providedall the furniture and catering/staff. The contact there is Karen Hall, her contact details are –

The hair was being done by Jane from Bellisimo brides.

The flowers are being done by the grooms mum.


Best bits

My favourite part was seeing Steph’s dress; it was just beautiful and really suited the brides personality.

Favourite Décor from the day

The best décor had to be the bake off. Guests had been invited to bake a cake and the bakes were used as part of the afternoon tea. I can recommend the carrot cake, and whoever made those little chocolate squares with the heart on… yum yum!

Favourite wedding photograph

My favourite wedding photograph has to be the groom composite at the church. We had typical bank holiday weather and so had to make use of the indoor space at the church and the flashes and I LOVE IT. Big thank you to the helper for holding the light for us.

What three things come to mind when you think of the wedding.

1. Great seating arrangement, it was fantastic and created a lovely happy and relaxed atmosphere
2. The bake off idea was genius and worked out so well.
3. The dress, it’s a two peace and simply stunning. I love the act that Steph can wear part of it again.

Thank you for a great day, Marie x