Find out the behind the scenes story of a Wirral Wedding photographers day and pick up some great wedding day tips as well. This particular day was scheduled for rain which let’s face it is most days in this country! With whatever luck the rain stayed away and not just that blazing sunshine appeared, although tempered by the blustery wind from the sea… Oh the joys of the weather forecast.

I picked up my bags, packed the car and I was off to near Heswall for the bride getting ready wedding photographs. When I arrived the brides Dad made me a lovely cup of tea (always very much appreciated!). The bride was still at the hairdressers so I decided to photograph the dress while I was waiting. The dress was stunning and I was pleased to see the bridal shop had put it on a lovely hanger rather than a cheap plastic one which never looks great in photographs.

That’s tip number 1 – A nice hanger for the dress makes a difference to the wedding dress photo!

wedding dress hanger

I was also pleased to see the plastic bag had been kept for the dress which I use to help fill out the bust area of the dress for the photograph.

Tip number 2 – Keep the plastic bag if possible!

I noticed however the bag was still over the wedding dress which had caused creases.

Tip number 3 – Remove the dress from the plastic bag and allow it to fall naturally so that creases do not form.

After I finished photographing the dress on its hanger, it was time for the bride to start putting on the dress. The dress had a lace up back which can take around 20 minutes to do and does require someone who has patience to put you in it!

Tip number 4 – Record the lace up of the dress in the shop so you can watch how it’s done right before the wedding so it’s fresh in your minds.

lace up dress

The bride’s lovely bridesmaid put the dress on and laced it up like a pro and I don’t think you could see any more skill in a bridal shop.
Then it was time for the sandwiches which was my cue to leave for the church as nobody wants to have photographs of them eating!

The church was around 30 minutes away and parking was suspected to be hard but luckily I was straight in a spot. I never panic as I know Jason will already be at the church as he arrives 1hr before to be with the boys and so there is always back up.

Tip number 5 – Let the photographer know if you think there may be parking issues.

The wedding ceremony was lovely and we did the wedding photography formals straight after the wedding ceremony. Then off to photograph in lovely Heswall for the reception which had some amazing views and we got to show off our off camera flash skills and get in some amazing sky.

Heswall Golf Club

The day was finished off with some really well delivered speeches and there were lots of tears and amazing belly laughs all round. The speeches are by far one of my most favourite things to photograph because everyone forgets the camera was there and lets their emotions out.

Hope you enjoyed the story and the tips and thank you to all the people out there who support us and make Marie Lloyd Photography the best.

Marie x