6 getting ready tips for a wedding morning

bride getting ready for her wedding

The morning is one of my favourite times. Your make-up artist and hairdressers will organise your morning timings for you. If you are doing your own hair and makeup, you will need to do a practice run and time yourself.

That’s tip number 1 – A nice hanger for the dress makes a difference to the wedding dress photo!

Wedding dress shops usually send your dress on a cheap plastic hanger. That hanger will not do your designer wedding dress any justice. I recommend buying a nice hanger, maybe a wooden or padded one. Please test this before your wedding day to make sure it can take the weight of your dress. Little details like this can really make a difference to a photograph.

Iscoyd Park back of wedding dress in mirror

Tip number 2 – Keep the plastic bag if possible!

Keep the plastic bag they sent your dress in. You can use this to [lace over your train while people are walking in and out of the room. This means it will protect your dress from any accidental spills or treading incidents. Dresses need to be out of the bag on the wedding day to let creases drop. Simply lay your bag over the train or any vulnerable parts of the dress to passing traffic.

Colshaw Hall wedding photography back of wedding dress

Tip number 3 – Know how long it takes to put your dress on

A dress rehearsal is advised. Practice putting the dress on so you know how long this will take and what is the latest time you need to get dresses.

Wedding dress on hanger that's been personalised with names

Tip number 4–Record the lace up of the dress in the shop so you can watch how it’s done right before the wedding so it’s fresh in your minds.

Wedding dress hanging in window

Lace-up dresses are tricky. I would have whoever is lacing up up practice two or three times before your wedding day.

Tip number 5—Let the photographer know if you think there may parking issues.

It’s lovely photographing the morning but your photographer needs to get to the church. Therefore, we have to leave early enough to get parked to photograph your arrival. Ideally, a groomsman can keep a parking spot.

Bride having her hair done in the morning

Tip 6 – Keep the room tidy

It is so easy for the room you are getting ready in to become messy. Bra’s in the back of photos, bright orange carrier bags! Nominate a bridesmaid or two and ask them to do a quick tidy up’s in the morning to keep the room looking great for your wedding photos.

See other weddings for ideas.

A lot of the photographs above are from Wirral weddings. Check out our Wirral wedding photography page to see how the couples there have styled their weddings. We also have stunning Peckforton Castle weddings in Cheshire that showcase a fairytale vibe.

Or moving over to North Wales why not check out an Iscoyd Park LGBTQ+ wedding where they had two ceremonies. We also do small intimate weddings which have some lovely ideas.

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