Get ready to dive into the wild ride that was the mid-summer wedding at Merrydale Manor, my first of two weddings at Merrydale in the season. The day kicked off with a splash – just like the summer of 2023, a little rain couldn’t dampen our spirits. You know what they say in the UK – it’s a rarity for rain to hijack the entire day, and there’s always a window to break free. And yes, did we break free!

The heat turned up, and so did the party vibes. Samantha and Craig’s wedding day was so much fun, and let me spill the beans on the main act – the dress train. Samantha went all out with a jaw-dropping wedding train that demanded its moment in the spotlight. I wasn’t about to let it get dirty before its grand entrance, so I took matters into my own hands.

Picture this: the getting-ready room at Merrydale, complete with a killer full-length mirror. We moved the table infront of the mirror and the scene was set. The train was captured in all its glory without any unwanted sneak peeks from the guests before the ceremony.

Details Samantha and Craig chose

Check out how their passion for horses which took center stage on their wedding day. The tables rocked horseshoe-shaped numbers and decorations that screamed horsepower chic. Now, brace yourself for a peek at Samantha’s wedding dress – that train is pure glam! The bridesmaids strutted their stuff in a summer-perfect light pink. Some cute customisations were, the sweet little details like custom socks and slippers. Total heart-stealers! And for a donut devotee like me, that donut wall was a temptation I almost couldn’t resist – almost!

Couple Photographs at Merrydale

The weather was on our side for the couple pics, but some spots were a bit soggy. Samantha and Craig were all about that classic Merrydale fountain shot on the bridge. Then, we casually roamed the Merrydale grounds, and I snapped away to capture their natural selves while they vibed with each other.

Samantha and Craig’s Merrydale slideshow

Get ready for an absolute treat! A slideshow is the ultimate way to unveil the magic of your wedding photos! It not only breathes life into the story but transports you right into the heart of the celebration!

I’ve handpicked a bunch of extraordinary snapshots to give you a sneak peek into the incredible day at Merrydale. Brace yourself for Samantha and Craig’s sensational wedding journey! They went all out for a playful celebration, sprinkled with sweet, personal touches that’ll tug at your heartstrings. It was more than just a wedding; it was an epic, joyous bash, and they nailed it!

Candids tell the story of the wedding day at Merrydale

Oh, let me spill the tea on the absolute gems of my photo collection—those candid shots are my absolute FAVES! But let me tell you, snapping those candid moments is like catching lightning in a bottle! Some guests see a camera and instantly strike a pose, while others make a mad dash for the hills!

Enter Samantha and Craig, the dynamic duo who turned their wedding into a candid extravaganza! With non-stop entertainment, they had everyone letting loose, getting into the groove, and making my candid dreams come true! Merrydale, with its sprawling space, became my playground—endless nooks and crannies to capture those spontaneous, genuine moments. Talk about a photographer’s paradise!

Samantha and Craig’s wedding ceremony at Merrydale

Get ready to be wowed by Merrydale Manor’s stunning civil ceremony room, where the magic happens under the expertise of the fantastic Cheshire East Registrars! These registrars are amazing—always punctual, super friendly, and an absolute delight to work with, especially for us photographers! I can’t sing their praises enough!

Now, let’s talk about the ceremony room itself – a dreamy space with gorgeous wooden beamed ceilings. Picture this: your perfect moment bathed in the glow of natural light! To maximize that radiance, I highly recommend decking out the ceiling in pure, elegant white. Trust me, it’s the secret sauce for the most flattering light on you!

For all the juicy details on the ceremony, head over to the Merrydale website and soak in the beauty that awaits you!

Entertainment and Dancing at Merrydale

Get ready to bust some moves because Merrydale is like a dance paradise! The space is so vast, you could have everything from a lively ceilidh band to a rocking, massive rock band – talk about choices galore! Samantha and Craig had the ultimate dance floor dilemma, and guess what? Spoiler alert: they nailed it!

For the daytime vibe, they went all in with a fantastic singer, setting the scene with the coolest background ambience ever! But hold onto your dancing shoes because when the evening rolled around, they cranked up the excitement with a DJ spinning the most epic dance anthems! And that’s not all – enter the sensational Ellie Sax, who turned that dancefloor into a magical haven, and let’s just say, nobody wanted to leave the party! Get ready for a dance extravaganza like no other!

More of my work at Merrydale

Hold onto your hats, folks! I’ve got another Merrydale Manor wedding coming your way, so buckle up and stay tuned for all the juicy details! But hey, if you can’t wait (and who could blame you?), why not take a detour to my previous adventure at its equally fabulous sister venue, Colshaw Hall? It’s a wedding extravaganza you won’t want to miss! So, keep those eyes peeled for the upcoming Merrydale magic, and in the meantime, let’s keep the party vibes rolling with a peek at Colshaw Hall’s awesomeness!

Merrydale Manor is an exceptional venue for weddings that captures the essence of timeless beauty. The wedding team offers excellent service, and as a photographer, I can attest to its stunning beauty, amazing staff and excellent catering. If you are looking for a wedding photographer who has worked at the venue before then please get in touch.

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