Welcome to my blog post featuring my wedding photography at Pryors Hayes. Pryors Hayes is in the heart of Cheshire’s picturesque countryside, surrounded by a beautiful golf course. It provides a splendid backdrop for couples to celebrate their special day. Join me as I take you through my work, capturing memorable moments against the enchanting scenery of this venue.

Wedding Photography highlights at Pryors Hayes

Step into the enchanting world of wedding photography at Pryors Hayes. Here, every moment is a timeless treasure. As a candid with a hint of posed photographer, I’m thrilled to share some of my favourite wedding highlights at this picturesque venue. From intimate ceremonies nestled amidst lush gardens to romantic portraits against the backdrop of stunning landscapes, each photograph captures the essence of joy, love, and unforgettable moments shared by couples on their special day. With Pryors Hayes as the idyllic setting, every picture is infused with the charm and magic of this beloved venue, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime. So, join me on this journey as we explore the beauty and romance captured through the lens at Pryors Hayes.

Spotlight on Pryors Hayes Wedding Venue

Couples at Pryors Hayes have the option to exchange their wedding vows either indoors or outdoors. Cerys and Andy, who married at Pryors Hayes, chose to have a church ceremony and a reception. Despite the rainy weather, their wedding was enchanting and beautiful. Pryors Hayes offers many indoor and outdoor locations that provide stunning backdrops for photographs, even during wet weather. An Autumn wedding at Pryors Hayes has perks, including early evenings that create the perfect atmosphere for sparkler shots, adding extra magic to the celebration.

Pryors Hayes building

Pryors Hayes was a successful golf club in Chester, offering breathtaking views of Cheshire, making it a popular spot for golf enthusiasts. However, the venue has undergone exciting renovations and transformed into a luxurious and unique wedding venue.

The newly designed venue features a stunning extension with a massive oak-framed glass-fronted entrance door that adds to the rustic feel of the building with its wooden cladding and exposed Cheshire brick. The venue is spread over 120 acres of golf course areas and gardens, providing ample space for guests.

The premier room boasts ample natural light, while the principal room maintains an intimate and cosy ambience, perfect for a wedding celebration.

Additionally, the outdoor space features a charming gazebo that serves as an ideal setting for outdoor wedding ceremonies. Two hedges enclose the area, featuring a grass and tiled floor that adds to its romantic and intimate feel.

Why I love Photographing at Pryors Hayes

I have enjoyed photographing several weddings at Pryors Hayes in the scenic Chester, Cheshire area. I can attest to the unique charm and picturesque surroundings of this venue. At the same time, the venue shares its grounds with a renowned golf club. The gazebo garden area is great for photographs and allows couples to choose the outside for their wedding ceremony. The proximity to the golf course offers a wide range of advantages for capturing stunning photographs, with manicured lawns, breathtaking views, and diverse landscapes that serve as a photographer’s paradise. The friendly staff and warm hospitality have always made us feel welcome and accommodated, enhancing the overall experience. Without hesitation, we highly recommend Pryors Hayes as the perfect location for couples seeking a memorable wedding day filled with beauty and charm.

Other golf course venues

Only a handful of stunning luxury golf course wedding venues offer couples a perfect combination of natural beauty and refined elegance. These venues provide a picturesque backdrop for exchanging vows and celebrating love, from lush fairways to panoramic views of rolling countryside. Each golf course venue has its unique charm, such as the historic ambience of Carden Park Hotel in the Cheshire countryside or the tranquil lakeside setting of Northop Hall Country House Hotel in North Wales. With their well-maintained landscapes and top-notch facilities, these venues cater to couples looking for a wedding day surrounded by scenic beauty and timeless sophistication. Whether you dream of an outdoor ceremony with sweeping vistas or an elegant reception in a grand ballroom, Cheshire and North Wales golf course wedding venues provide a picturesque setting to create unforgettable memories that will be cherished forever.

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Pryors Hayes is a stunning wedding venue that perfectly blends rustic charm and modern amenities, creating a captivating atmosphere that is truly exceptional. As a photographer, I have photographed moments at Pryors Hayes for over a decade, alongside many other esteemed wedding venues in Cheshire. I am passionate about preserving precious memories and am dedicated to ensuring that your wedding day is beautifully documented with timeless photographs that reflect the unique charm of Pryors Hayes and the love you share on your special day. If you are looking for a wedding photographer with experience at Pryors Hayes, look no further. Contact me now for a price guide.

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