5 things to consider for your Plas Hafod wedding

Plas Hafod Wedding Photographer
Plas Hafod Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photograher Plas Hafod

Plas Hafod has a beautiful entrance with a short drive that opens out into a stunning front garden and the hall entrance with to Plas Hafod. We have photographed at the North Wales venue several times now. We particularly like the glass room offering great lighting for the ceremony and reception.

Getting ready Wedding Photographs

1. Organise and decorate the getting ready area

I was first greeted by Hannah’s mum in what I can only describe as the most beautifully decorated home for a wedding I have ever walked into.

Plas Hafod Wedding details photographs
Plas Hafod Wedding Photographs boys getting ready

Everything felt so lovingly and carefully thought of and I sometimes don’t think we mention the Mums and Dads enough on a wedding day as little touches can really make a vast difference.

church Wedding Photograps northop
waiting for the bride photograph at Northop Church

2. Think about the weather

The weather on the day was beautiful, a really gorgeous spring day that made you feel like summer had arrived early. Getting married at midday in summer will mean strong sun, so it is better to get married at 2pm in summer. Also umbrellas are a good purchase to make in case of rain.

First kiss photograph at Northop Church

3. Make music choice a priority

The church decorations looked beautiful. Moreover, Hannah and David had chosen lovely music, which can make a tremendous difference. For example, having an emotional tune for the arrival song and knowing what time it is best to walk on. Also consider a more upbeat tune for the end of the ceremony.

Portrait photographs at Plas Hafod Wedding

Don’t also forget music to arrive into your reception to.

Natural wedding photographs at Plas Hafod

4. Food is important

It was great to arrive at Plas Hafod for the reception. Plas Hafod is renowned for their food, for example, judging by how quick the canapes disappeared I think the guests would agree! If you get married earlier in the day so that guests haven’t eaten lunch, I would advise to get canapes.

wedding portraits at Plas Hafod
Plas Hafod Wedding Photographer portraits

5. Plan the first dance

Most couples have not had formal dance training, therefore plan on doing the sway. Ask your DJ to call everyone to the dancefloor 1minute into the song. In addition, things like confetti smoke bombs can enhance first dance photographs.

Plas Hafod Wedding Photograph of first dance

The evening celebrated in the Plas Hafod’s garden room, which looked exquisite, attracted some excellent dance moves!

Dancing at Plas Hafod Wedding

It felt like a beautiful British classic wedding with family and friends.

I wish Hannah and David the best of luck for the future xx

So if you are looking for a wedding photographer in North Wales, please get in touch.

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