Ruthin Castle Wedding Photographer

Ruthin Castle Wedding Photographers

Hi Guys, I am Marie, a North Wales based wedding photographer.

We like to photograph unposed weddings. As much emphasis on Candid, Organic and Genuine moments. We will of course photograph any requested group shots etc, but after that we like to say ignore us!

I have created this page to showcase my recent wedding photography at Ruthin Castle. Look through my blog posts below on my recent work or switch over to my portfolio for some other featured weddings.

Wedding Photographer Ruthin Castle
Ruthin Castle Wedding Photography

Ruthin Castle

The Castle is a medieval castle wedding venue based in Ruthin, North Wales. The venue is incredible, for instance, just the history of the place alone is incredible. On top of that, you and your guests have so many places to explore. Also there are some beautiful peacocks roaming around and I adore the two lions marking the entrance to the hotel.

The principal room has beautiful large windows, consequently letting in lots of natural light which is fantastic for photographs. They also have mirrors bouncing even more light around the room. The bar area is then separate, which is great for guests who want to chill out of the hustle and bustle of the key party.

Wedding Photography at Ruthin Castle

I like to approach wedding photography at the castle in two halves.. Firstly, in the daytime we usually use the back of the castle with the castle gardens and a view over the Welsh mountains. Secondly, in the evening for a more relaxed setting we like to pop out to the front to take in the large open spaces and mature trees that surround the castle entrance.

We like to keep it all very relaxed and unposed, ignoring the camera and just interacting with each other. We like to have as much fun with the photography as possible and creativity is a given.