Flashback to 2009: My Plas Isaf Wedding Photography Debut! Talk about a sunny start to this wild ride! Fast forward 10+ years and we’re still living it up, snapping memories at this iconic spot! From barn conversions to epic celebrations, we’ve seen it all – and we’re here for every moment! Bring on the happy, relaxed vibes ’cause that’s our jam! Candid shots? You betcha! Let’s capture those genuine laughs and all the fun that comes with saying ‘I do’ at Plas Isaf!

The Barn in Corwen

Corwen’s Barn Bonanza: Where Bison Burgers and Wedding Wonders Collide!

Nestled in the heart of North Wales, this barn is more than just a venue – it’s a foodie’s paradise! Can we talk about those Bison Burgers at Rhug Organic though? Absolute game-changer! And don’t even get me started on the beef at Plas Isaf – hands down the juiciest, most mouthwatering bites you’ll find anywhere in the country! No wonder so many couples choose Plas Isaf for their big day!

But let’s talk ambience – the driveway’s decked out with wooden carvings, lush trees, and a killer view of the Welsh hills! Inside? Slate, wood beams, and massive stones that scream rustic chic. Seriously, this place is so effortlessly cool, that you barely need any extra decor for a wedding bash!

And speaking of bashes, we recently rocked a wedding-styled shoot here, showing off their swanky new outdoor bar area! Picture-perfect sips in the sunshine? Yes, please! Whether you’re saying ‘I do’ or just here for the beef, this barn’s got all the vibes!

bride and groom in grounds of plas isaf

About me

I am Marie Lloyd based on the North Wales and Cheshire border and have been photographing since 2009. I love to photograph naturally opting for my couples to interact when doing portraits so that I can capture my couples being themselves.

I love candid moments and look for those raw and real times when you look at each other with that love in your eyes when you think no one is watching!


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