Confetti photograph at The Giraffe Shed

The Giraffe Shed is an exciting and fun-filled venue located in rural Wales. It is an ideal place for couples to celebrate their wedding day and have their love story captured through beautiful photographs. The importance of wedding photography at The Giraffe Shed cannot be overstated. A skilled wedding photographer understands the nuances of this unique venue and uses its whimsical backdrop to frame moments of intimacy, laughter, and pure joy, creating lasting memories for the couple.

Giraffe Shed Wedding Highlights

I wanted to share the highlights of Emily and Nathan’s beautiful elopement wedding at The Giraffe Shed. They brought their baby and two friends as witnesses. They told all other friends and family they were having a mini holiday.

I adore the moments where the raw emotion and genuine connection shared between the couple shines through. One of my favourite photographs is of Emily just popping her leg up during the confetti moment, her joy echoing through the rustic surroundings of The Giraffe Shed. Another photograph captures Nathan’s joy as he sprays the prosecco and relaxes. These moments of pure authenticity and profound intimacy epitomize the beauty and significance of their elopement, and they are timeless treasures that will be cherished for years to come.

The Giraffe Shed as a Wedding Venue

Found in Newtown in one of the most rural settings for a wedding venue I have been to is the incredible alternative wedding venue, The Giraffe Shed. What sets The Giraffe Shed apart is its captivating setting and attention to photographic backgrounds, and it is not surprising that a former wedding photographer designed it. Blending industrial chic with rustic elegance creates a unique atmosphere for couples to exchange vows.

The Giraffe shed has high ceilings with brick and steel beams. The space is enormous, yet it has a cosy feel to it. It is an alternative wedding venue, and it is for you if you have a creative side.

The Black Box is an incredible outdoor area perfect for drinks, fun photo opportunities and enjoying the open countryside. You will love the creative input into the area, and everywhere has a modern and rustic twist, all set in incredible Welsh countryside.

Reflecting on Your Unique Love Story

Personalised Storytelling: Capturing the essence of the couple’s relationship

The Giraffe Shed is a wedding photography service that goes beyond just capturing moments. It transforms into a beautiful expression of the couple’s unique love story, thanks to the venue’s fantastic ability to bring out your creative side and make you feel relaxed in its incredible setting.

Taking candid photos at The Giraffe Shed is easy. Some wedding venues lend themselves to that relaxed vibe, making it easy to blend in and snap away. With so much opportunity to use different textures, colours, and open countryside as backdrops, it almost feels effortless to photograph there. However, it is undoubtedly exciting for the photographer, and inspiration is everywhere.

The Venue’s Role: Tailoring photography to reflect the charm and character of The Giraffe Shed

The Giraffe Shed is a unique and alternative wedding venue that takes its role in shaping your wedding day seriously. It offers a range of charming details and picturesque backdrops that provide the perfect canvas for telling your love story through stunning imagery. The venue boasts steel beams and panoramic views of the surrounding countryside, which adds character and charm. The photography is carefully catered for, and the venue allows photographers to get creative while capturing the natural surroundings, resulting in timeless and effortless wedding photographs.

Photographer near The Giraffe Shed

I live an hour’s drive from the Giraffe Shed, which makes me a local to the venue, and to top it off, I’m Welsh! Since I’ve photographed at the venue, I know where I’m going and what to expect when I get there. This gives me a head start on the day.

I used Google Sat Nav to navigate and it led me straight to the entrance of The Giraffe Shed. Although the roads seemed to go on forever, and I felt lost in the middle of nowhere, I trusted the Sat Nav and kept going. Finally, The Giraffe Shed appeared like magic!

Other Powys Wedding Venues

Powys, located in the heart of Wales, is one of the country’s largest counties and offers various wedding options. Whether you prefer grand historic manor houses or rustic barns full of charm, Powys has something for everyone.

I have had the pleasure of photographing weddings at two main venues in Powys. You can find my post about Garthmyl Hall below, and I encourage you to look through other blog posts for inspiration for your wedding day.

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Powys Wedding

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