Tatton Park Wedding Photographer
Wedding Photographer Tatton Park

Hi, I am Marie Lloyd, a Cheshire wedding photographer

Wedding Photographer Cheshire in Tatton Park

Tatton Park Wedding Photographers

We love unposed wedding photography and focus on photographing the candid, raw and genuine moments created naturally during a wedding. We will, of course, photograph any formal group shots but expect to have some fun as we don’t like to do things boringly!

Wedding Photographer Tatton Park in Cheshire

I have explicitly created this page to showcase the Cheshire wedding photography of Tatton Park. We would love to be part of your Tatton Park wedding plans, so please get in touch to find out if we have availability for our wedding date.

Wedding Photograph of groomsmen in Tatton Park, Cheshire

Photography at Tatton Park

Tatton Park is a luxury wedding venue found in Knutsford, Cheshire. It is a truly unique wedding venue in Cheshire. You may have been to an event day there previously and so know about the vast space Tatton Park enjoys. Of course, the reindeer is one of the most famous parts of Tatton Park.

Wedding Photograph of wedding ceremony in Tatton Park

Tatton Park has a choice of spaces for your wedding. On top of that, there are so many individual gardens to choose from for photographs. I feel like every wedding here is a truly unique wedding.

Wedding Photographer Tatton Park taking photographs in the wedding ceremony

The venue has 1000 acres of grounds so I feel like I have barely scratched the surface. Every visit I have had there has been unique. I absolutely love their event days, and I have taken my daughter on many of them, and we have always had such a good time.

Wedding Photograph of bride and groom saying their vows in Tatton Park

Tatton Park Weddings

We like to approach Tatton Park weddings in the same way as we do any wedding. That is to take a relaxed, candid approach. We will use as much of the fantastic venue as a backdrop, but we like to photograph the people themselves naturally and unposed.

Wedding Photographer Tatton Park

One of our favourite places to photograph is the Japanese garden. We love the shapes and design of the garden and it creates such a beautiful backdrop. Of course, one of the principal parts is the stunning buildings and the vast open spaces. Let’s face it, you are spoiled there.

Wedding Photographer Tatton Park, Cheshire

So, if you are looking for a Cheshire wedding photographer, please get in touch.

Black and white wedding Photographs in Tatton Park

Featuring Sean and Selina’s Tatton Park Wedding

How we first met:

We first met at work five years ago – me, Little Miss Sunshine, and him, Mister Grumpy. They sat me next to Sean, but we didn’t exactly hit it off; we discovered our mutual love for Japanese animation and Lord of the Rings.

Wedding Photograph of guest pulling a funny pose in Cheshire wedding venue Tatton Park
Wedding garden portraits, photographs of bride and groom in Cheshire wedding venue Tatton Park
Guests having fun in professional wedding photograph taken at Tatton Park

The proposal:

We were on a family holiday in Edinburgh after my sister married, so we had our aunties from Singapore with us. A few days before my 29th birthday, we went to Edinburgh Castle with the entire family. When Sean and I had a moment to ourselves, he lured me to a balcony and waited for tourists to disperse before he rummaged in his bag for the ring and asked me if I wanted to marry him! We caught up with family shortly after and announced our engagement. It was lovely that I could ask my aunties if they would return to England next year for our wedding.

Wedding Photograph of the groomsmen at Cheshire wedding venue, Tatton Park
Wedding photograph taken in Japanese gardens in Tatton Park, Cheshire
Wedding Photograph on bridge in Japanese gardens at Tatton Park

Wedding vision:

Our vision is an intimate, rustic wedding with our nearest and dearest at the backdrop of Tatton Park. We love the vintage feel of the 18th-century venue and feel that the picturesque countryside and gardens are perfect for us as a couple. As a graphic designer, I’ve tried to put our stamp on the wedding stationery and decoration. Our wedding colours are blush pink and gold. With our Chinese/English wedding, we also wanted to interweave the two cultures: Gold is a prosperous colour in Chinese culture, and the romantic Blush Pink works for us.

Having fun outside Cheshire wedding venue Tatton Park
Wedding Photographer Tatton Park

The couple used wedding caterers Barretts for their wedding meal. I can safely say the food was incredible.

Wedding Photographer Tatton Park, Cheshire

So if you are looking for a Cheshire wedding photographer who has worked in Tatton Park and covers the whole of the UK, please get in touch.

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