Hey there, fabulous folks! I’m Marie, your go-to Cheshire wedding photographer extraordinaire! Passionate about weddings? You betcha, and not just in Chester and Cheshire – I’m all about capturing the magic wherever love takes us!

Now, every wedding is a one-of-a-kind bash, but there’s one thing that stays constant: the love, laughter, and good vibes shared by family and friends on your big day. Let’s face it – you want those epic celebrations etched in your memory forever, right? That’s why snagging a top-notch photographer is an absolute must!

So, why me? Well, I’m not your average shutterbug. I’m a modern gal with a soft spot for the natural and unobtrusive. Picture this – for most of your wedding, I want you to feel like I’m the invisible magic-maker behind the lens. I’ve had couples say, “Didn’t even know she was there!” or “Wait, you snapped that portrait?” Yup, that’s the ninja-style photography I bring to the table!

Chester may be steeped in Roman tradition, but it’s also rocking a modern vibe. And guess what? Your wedding can have the best of both worlds – timeless traditions and a sprinkle of contemporary flair. Think of it as a Roman-chic celebration with a side of modern zest!

So, let’s make some picture-perfect memories together – the kind that blends tradition with a dash of modern awesomeness. Ready to rock your wedding? Let’s do this!

Brace yourselves for a visual feast because I’m about to unveil my absolute Chester wedding photography faves from the wedding wonderland! Imagine a gallery that’s a vibrant blend of timeless tradition and modern coolness, capturing the heart of Chester in every shot. From laughter-filled candids to jaw-dropping portraits, this collection is your backstage pass to a wedding vibe that’s pure magic. Get ready to swoon, smile, and maybe even shed a tear – because these pics are about to steal the show! #ChesterMagic

My top 4 Chester Wedding Venues

1 – The Old Palace Chester

Welcome to the wedding wonderland that is The Old Palace Chester – where history meets happily ever after in the most epic dance-off! Picture this: a venue that’s not just steeped in charm but practically oozing centuries of stories, like a wedding fairy tale come to life. The Old Palace is like the cool grandparent of venues – vintage vibes with a modern twist! From the majestic halls that have seen it all to the hidden nooks that scream romance, it’s a place where every corner whispers secrets of love. Get ready to say “I do” surrounded by ancient elegance and a dash of contemporary pizzazz because, at The Old Palace, your wedding dreams become the main event! #OldWorldCharm #ModernLoveNest #secluded

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2- 1539 Restaurant in Chester Racecourse

Nestled in the historic city of Chester, the 1539 Restaurant offers a unique and enchanting setting for weddings that seamlessly blends the charm of the past with modern sophistication. As you step into this timeless venue, you are greeted by the rich ambience of its historic surroundings. The 1539 Restaurant, is a premium private hire space which exudes a sense of elegance and romance that is perfect for couples seeking a memorable wedding experience. The venue boasts stunning views over the racecourse and a rooftop garden. The restaurant’s dedicated team ensures that every wedding is a personalized and seamless affair, with exquisite culinary offerings that tantalize the senses. They offer exclusive use to the top floor which is an incredible space to dance the night away after enjoying food down in the main restaurant area.

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3. Chester Grosvenor

At the Chester Grosvenor, weddings are not just events; they’re extraordinary celebrations wrapped in luxury and sprinkled with joy. Picture saying “I do” in the opulent setting of this historic hotel, where every detail is meticulously curated to make your special day sparkle. The Chester Grosvenor, a blend of old-world charm and contemporary elegance, provides a whimsical backdrop for love stories to unfold. From the grandeur of the Westminster Suite to the delightful nuances of the Eastgate Room, each space radiates its magic. The dedicated wedding team ensures that your dreams come to life, and the chefs whip up a culinary masterpiece that will have your taste buds dancing. With a touch of glamour and a lot of heart, weddings at the Chester Grosvenor are not just events; they’re grand productions of love, laughter, and happily ever after.

4 – Chester Town Hall

Stepping into Chester Town Hall was like entering a wedding wonderland. Seriously, the place is massive, like a modern-day Tardis – way bigger than I expected. And can we talk about that killer wooden staircase that winds its way through the building? The woodwork detailing is off the charts. There are two super cool rooms where you can say your “I dos,” and plenty of space to throw an epic reception. I was seriously vibing with the potential this place had to offer. Bonus: your guests can crash at some swanky hotels in the heart of the city. Choosing Chester Town Hall as your wedding venue? Talk about a game-changer!

So there you have it, my gorgeous couples – the scoop on Chester wedding photography by yours truly, Marie Lloyd Photography in the heart of Chester! I’m all about turning your special day into a visual masterpiece, blending the timeless traditions of this historic city with a touch of modern flair. Your wedding isn’t just another gig for me; it’s a front-row ticket to capturing the genuine, laughter-soaked moments that make your love story uniquely yours. From ninja-mode candids to Roman-chic portraits, I’m here to rock your wedding and make sure those memories last a lifetime. So, if you’re ready for a blend of classic charm and contemporary coolness, let’s make some picture-perfect magic together. Cheers to love, laughter, and happily ever after! #ChesterWeddings

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