The first wedding of every year always brings butterflies, we’ve been doing this job for so long now but you still get them! What’s always great though is every wedding day morning I arrive with the bride and there is just love, smiles and excitement and it’s infectious. The first time you see the dress hanging up, it’s always magical. I can never get over how year on year dresses still manage to remain as beautiful and fresh as the year I started wedding photography.

Even simple things like the makeup are continually developing. The amount of amazing talent that is in the wedding industry now is staggering. One thing I liked seeing making more prominence in 2016 was brides and bridesmaids doing speeches. More and more we are seeing different weddings. Years ago nearly every wedding would have the same theme or same colour, but it’s a huge mixture now and that’s exciting. One of the other major changes over the last few years has been the rise in the choice of wedding venues. This means brides are spoilt for choice and there really are some exceptional venues to choose from.

2017 I think will we will continue to see more of a mixture of wedding styles and themes. I feel brides and grooms are choosing different elements from different styles and mixing them together with new ideas to create a unique wedding to them. I think weddings will still aim to be on the more relaxed side with a move to more modern wedding etiquette.

Two of my favourite elements of any wedding day are the music and the food and it really please me to say that every couple nailed it in 2016. The quality and thoughtfulness from the couples into this really showed in their wedding days.