At the end of every year we put together a flavour of the weddings from that year and it is so hard to choose! Weddings in 2018 where more about family and friends and I love that, at the end of the day if you feed your guests and give them a little drink they are happy, you don’t need all the extra’s. Remember it will be the memories you get to keep and the rings and your photo’s will be the only permanent reminder so watch your budget. We arrived at some new venues this year, I think Tyn Dwr Hall being the most popular at the moment but with lots of new venues coming on board I think we will see shorter engagement periods as people have more choice on dates that they want and so won’t have to wait a year or two for their preferred dates to become available.

We started off the wedding photography season in the stunning Tyn Dwr Hall where we saw soft pinks and rose gold. I have loved all the soft pinks and greens this year, they are so pretty and timeless. Entertainment was a magician and DJ, a combination that will always work. We have had lots of personal touches with old wedding photos displayed and family members and music has been well thought about this year, which can often be a less thought about part of the wedding but can actually make a big difference. We also saw the start of less lace creeping in on wedding dresses, some totally without any which has been unusual in the last few years but I do think we will see lace in at least a small amount of the next few years as it’s a classic and doesn’t really date.

Men’s socks and even underwear in a comedic style is almost becoming a wedding tradition now and it does add a little charm to the day and always raises a smile. We also had some great dickie bows this year, I do hope that trend never really leaves weddings. The first donut wall was at a wedding this year and I think that’s genius being partial to a donut myself! The girls are still wearing the matching dressing gowns for getting ready in the morning which I love, little touches like that are really sweet.
Since I have been doing weddings if there’s a Celt, be it Scottish or Welsh, there usually is a little touch of that in a wedding either in a kilt or dragon cufflinks or a flag or table name but the Celtic nations I am pleased to say will also bring a little bit of home to their wedding!
Transport has been varied but the tractor has had a few appearances this year with trailers attached for the guests to ride in or even as archways for entrances to marquees. I do love a bit of personality in a wedding.

Again we have seen lots more mixed speeches with more women particularly maid of honours doing a speech. Seriously consider going modern and mixing the speeches up as we have had some amazing mother of the bride or bride speeches over the years.

We have had an amazing 2018 and we can’t wait for 2019 to start in a few weeks’ time. Whoop x

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