We have done wedding photography at Iscoyd Park many times now and yet we still get super excited to do a wedding there. It is a three-storey redbrick country house in Wrexham and has just an amazing amount of character and history packed into it. When you visit there don’t miss a stop at the cloakroom area and read some of the frames that are on the wall there, it really brings the place alive. It also goes without saying that the gardens are probably some of the best we visit anywhere.

As usual in the morning we split of as photographers with Marie hanging out with the Bride and the getting ready party and Jase with the boys. We love getting ready shoots as its nice to just photograph the excitement and the build up of the wedding day.

The wedding ceremony was indoors with Jason photographing at the front capturing Laura’s first look and me at the back hoping John would turn around so I could get his first glimpse of Laura!

We had an amazing day photographing Laura and John’s wedding and we will let the wedding photographs tell their wedding story…

This is their wedding story

How we met: John and I had worked together in travel for 7+ years. I left the company in 2015 and our paths crossed again a year or so later at a party for a mutual friend. Our love of cycling got us chatting again. I was training for the London to Brighton bike ride and John offered to take me out one weekend and that’s where it all began 🙂

The proposal: The North Shore, Hawaii. It was coming towards the end of our holiday, which was a trip of lifetime to Oahu Island in Hawaii – such a magical place and a holiday we will never forget. The day John proposed, we’d been out of dinner at one of our favourite shrimp shacks and had sat watching the waves crashing in and the surfers, with the sun setting behind them. We took a bottle of wine up to our room and while I was busy taking photos, John had got down on one knee and when I turned around he popped the question 🙂

Wedding Vision: Like any bride and groom, we want our wedding to be a day that will stay with us (and our family & friends) for a lifetime. Most of our planning has been centered around making sure it’s a day that will be enjoyed by one and all 🙂

Wedding venue Iscoyd Park wedding photography
Black and white wedding photography at Iscoyd Park
wedding photography Iscoyd Park getting ready mirror shot
Iscoyd Park wedding photography of wedding ceremony
Iscoyd Park wedding photography first kiss
wedding photography at Iscoyd Park with confetti and group shot
Guest shots at Iscoyd Park wedding photographs
Black and white wedding photography at Iscoyd Park, portraits
Bridal portrait wedding photography at Iscoyd Park black and white
Wedding photography with piano at Iscoyd Park
wedding photography of couple in grounds at Iscoyd Park
back of wedding dress at Iscoyd Park entrance
Couple wedding photography portraits at Iscoyd Park entrance
wedding photography portraits in grounds of Iscoyd Park
room layout and wedding cake at Iscoyd Park
wedding speeches photographs at Iscoyd Park
Evening wedding portraits at Iscoyd Park
First wedding dance and cutting of the cake at Iscoyd Park

So if you are looking for a wedding photographer at Iscoyd Park, Wrexham then please get in touch