Laura and Sam are getting married next year in the lovely Tower Hill Barns and they wanted to get some practice in for their wedding to get used to the camera and also so they could personalise their wedding, with their pre wedding photos in our stunning guest books.

They opted to have their shoot in the Dove Stone reservoir in Oldham, Manchester, which if you have not been, I would pop on your lists of British places you would like to visit. I am incredibly lucky in my job to have seen so many sites in gorgeous Britain mostly through doing these pre wedding shoots. I need to write a list of places I have loved visiting so I can share it with everyone.

The pre wedding shoot we had originally scheduled for the start of September was postponed due to poor weather (typical British weather). The following week the weather was looking great on the forecast then on the day it seemed to be changing hour by hour! We made a final call at 3 o clock to go ahead as the forecast was looking good. On my way to Dovestone Reservoir the heavens opened, and an almighty downpour came! I thought that is it, not even a few umbrellas will allow us to shoot in this. By the time I arrived the weather had eased off and we were left with a grey sky but that was fine as the views more than made up for it.

So, grab a cuppa and enjoy the photos here and then grab your walking shoes and a picnic and have a day of walking around this lovely place.

Any questions just get in touch x

Pre wedding shoot, manchester
Pre wedding shoot Dove stone Reservoir
Wedding shoot of couple by ducks in Dovestone Reservoir
pre wedding shoot of couple against Dove Stone Reservoir scenery
Pre wedding shoot at Dove stone Reservoir black and white