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My experience as a wedding photographer at Tyn Dwr Hall begins with the breathtaking entrance. The wooden door adorned with a stained glass surround captivates me, offering a picturesque setting for photography. Stepping inside, the reception room unfolds in all its splendour. With a charming fireplace, inviting sofas, and an overall sense of comfort, the ambience exudes warmth and hospitality. Recently, when asked about the top wedding venues I’ve visited, Tyn Dwr immediately came to mind. Its world-class status is attributed to exceptional gardeners, talented chefs, and a dedicated staff. As a wedding photographer in North Wales, Tyn Dwr holds a special place for me as a local venue.

Behind the Scenes: A Day in the Life of a Tyn Dwr Hall Wedding Photographer

Stepping into Tyn Dwr Hall, a garden paradise in the heart of North Wales, feels like entering a dream – the views are seriously stunning! And let’s talk about the inside – it’s not just gorgeous but ready to handle any rain thrown at you outside! I find spots like the charming waterfall and the twin bridges to be a creative playground. Natural light floods through the windows, creating a contrasting brilliance with the surroundings, turning every shot into a masterpiece. The hall seamlessly blends classic charm with modern comforts, offering a perfect mix of character and features. Tyn Dwr Hall transcends being a mere venue; it’s a creative muse elevating wedding photography to new heights.

Take a photographic journey Tyn Dwr

As a Wedding Photographer near Tyn Dwr Hall, I find inspiration in this majestic country house’s enchanting features in the heart of North Wales. Tyn Dwr Hall is a truly extraordinary venue, boasting many captivating elements. Nestled within ancient forests with stunning Llangollen hill views, the hall perfectly blends historic charm and modern luxury. The stunning architecture of Tyn Dwr Hall, with its elegant waterfall and picturesque yew tree, creates a fairy-tale setting for weddings and events.

The hall exudes luxury, with beautifully restored rooms adorned with period details, including ornate fireplaces, intricate mouldings, and grand staircases. The venue combines tradition with contemporary amenities, offering state-of-the-art facilities such as boutique accommodation and an incredible ballroom. Tyn Dwr Hall even has a bell tower which a chosen guest can ring to see you out of your ceremony. With its timeless beauty and versatile features, Tyn Dwr Hall is a premier destination for those seeking an unforgettable and magical experience.

Personal Introduction – Meet me and learn about my experience at Tyn Dwr

Marie Lloyd Portrait

My experience of Tyn Dwr Hall started in 2018 when I photographed my first two weddings at the venue. Back then, the bridge you see today on the way to the cottage was bare, as no foliage had beautifully entwined itself on the bridge yet. Since then, the venue has remained unchanged. The beauty and the landscape still take my breath away now. One of the main reasons I love it there is the smile. It happens to people just about as they arrive midway down the drive, and it doesn’t leave their faces until leaving again! It is a luxury venue that allows guests and couples to feel relaxed and enjoy their celebrations. My main love is the Garden room with its exceptional light and connection to the Llangollen hills; your reception will be magical. The Garden Room is the perfect canvas for candid images that I adore.

Spotlight on my Tyn Dwr Couples

Steal some ideas for your wedding at Tyn Dwr

Couples at Tyn Dwr Hall showcase style and creativity, turning the venue into their dream canvas. From elegant and timeless themes to contemporary and bold designs, the diversity of styles is awe-inspiring. Tyn Dwr Hall’s grandeur is a captivating backdrop, enabling couples to infuse their unique personalities into every detail. Each wedding at the venue is a testament to the imagination of the couples, from floral arrangements to decor. The venue effortlessly adapts to various styles and you could even get away with no additional decor! Yet, Tyn Dwr is a stunning canvas for couples to shape their love story in a setting reflecting their tastes.

Capture the magic of Tyn Dwr Hall! Rain or shine, you’re in for a treat. Picture this: cosy indoor shots with grand fireplaces, gorgeous wooden floors, and classy panelled walls when it’s pouring outside.

But let’s cross our fingers for some sunshine! The venue is a playground for photography with endless options. Imagine the front adorned with majestic trees or the back boasting scenic hillside views. Stroll along the meandering path with two charming bridges, a swing, a waterfall, and abundant foliage. Your photos are about to pop with personality against these fantastic backdrops!

Cari and Tom were one of the last weddings we did out of a fantastic group of friends from North Wales whom we have photographed weddings for over the years. They are lovely, chilled and content in each other’s company. They are excellent parents and friends; you couldn’t ask to work with more excellent people. So Cari’s dress is excellent in two parts for me. First, the simplicity of the front and the dress structure make for a gorgeous shape. Then, the back with the beautiful beadwork and button fastenings, just like they made it for Cari.

Groomsmen getting ready
Bride getting ready
Wedding Ceremony
Couple portraits
Couple portraits on the bridge
Cutting of the cake

Tips for couples planning their wedding at Tyn Dwr Hall

As a photographer who has worked at Tyn Dwr before, I can share some tips to make your special day even more memorable.

Getting Ready

Firstly, the bride and bridesmaids will have early access to the dressing room. This is a beautiful space and perfect for capturing some special moments on camera, so it’s essential to keep it tidy. To ensure the bridesmaids’ dresses look flawless, they should be steamed (if doing so) upon arrival and hung above the fireplace. You can make them look even more stunning by using matching coat hangers and removing or tucking in any tags. It’s always helpful to nominate a bridesmaid for this task, and if you have more than one, you can ask someone to help keep the room tidy throughout the morning.

Lastly, to avoid any distractions in the background of your photos, it’s best to leave large bags in the hallway outside the getting-ready room. This will keep the space looking clean and uncluttered.

Confetti and Large Group Photograph

Consider the weather and lighting conditions on your wedding day when deciding the location for your confetti and the everyone group photographs. If it’s a sunny day, I recommend taking your confetti and group photos outside the main entrance of Tyn Dwr, where you can find shade. The shade will provide softer light, which looks more flattering on the skin. However, if it’s an overcast day, you can use the steps at the back of Tyn Dwr for your confetti and group shot, as the clouds create a softening effect of the sun and minimise or even stop any harsh shadows altogether. You can also choose this option on a sunny day, but remember that you and your guests might need to squint, and harsh shadows under your eyes may not look good in the photographs.

I hope you find these tips helpful in maximizing your wedding experience at Tyn Dwr Hall. If you have any other questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to ask.

A special place in North Wales

Local photographer to Tyn Dwr

Capturing timeless moments is my passion, and as a Wedding Photographer near Tyn Dwr Hall, I bring a unique blend of creativity and expertise to every shot. With its enchanting landscapes and elegant architecture, Tyn Dwr Hall provides the perfect backdrop for love stories to unfold. Whether it’s the grandeur of the ceremony spaces, the picturesque surroundings, or the intimate moments shared between the couple, my lens is always ready to freeze these precious memories in time. From the charming interiors adorned with historical details to the sprawling outdoors offering many possibilities, Tyn Dwr Hall is a dream canvas for wedding photography.

Let me be your storyteller in this magical setting, where each click resonates with the beauty of your love. Ready to turn your moments into memories that pop? Tyn Dwr Hall is a brief drive from my North Wales location in Penyffordd, near Llangollen. Look no further than Marie Lloyd Photography – your go-to fun photographer near the enchanting Tyn Dwr Hall! Whether you’re saying “I do,” popping champagne, or just striking a pose, rest assured, I will be there for every moment.

Directions to Tyn Dwr

For directions to Tyn Dwr Hall, please follow these precise steps:

From the A483:

  1. Exit A483 onto A5. Follow until the Tyn Dwr sign prompts a turn onto Maesmawr Rd.
  2. Spot left turns for Tyn-y-Celyn Drive and Dinas Drive. After, turn sharp left into Tyn Dwr Rd.
  3. Follow the road until you see Tyn Dwr Hall.

For Google Maps, use the code XV73+CM Llangollen to locate it. Copy and paste the code into Google Maps. It’s a convenient way to share the location with your guests.

Safe Travels!

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