“I just want to say how amazing you were yesterday, not only from me and Marc but so many of the guests commented on how great you were! You made everyone feel at ease and just fitted in with the group as if you were a guest which is exactly what we wanted! “

Marc and Kate

I am an experienced wedding photographer at Carden Park

Carden Park Photographer

Carden Park is a luxury wedding venue based in the heart of Cheshire.

This means that on your special day, I won’t spend any time acquainting myself with the area, allowing me to concentrate entirely on capturing the best possible pictures for you. With my knowledge of the venue, we can easily navigate to the most picturesque locations without delays or interruptions, ensuring plenty of breathtaking scenery options for your wedding portraits.

Carden Park

Wedding Photography


Hello there! I am excited to share my Carden Park wedding photography highlights with you. I have captured these moments in some of my favourite photography spots in the park. I love the vineyards and the scenic beauty they offer. Although I have yet to taste their wine, it is on my must-do list. Another favourite photo spot of mine is the stunning Gazebo, surrounded by the park’s architectural gardens. The Gazebo provides breathtaking views over the acres of golf course, making it a perfect spot for photography. Sit back, relax and enjoy my Carden Park favourites.

Styling Gallery

How have couples styled Carden Park?

top table set up
Table names
Table centrepiece
Wedding ceremony set up at The Shooting Lodge
Wedding ceremony set up at The Shooting Lodge
Flower arch

Photographer near CARDEN PARK

Carden Park Hotel is easy to find. Its address is 25 Broxton Road, Clutton, Chester, CH3 9ER. I am less than 30 minutes drive from the venue so I am pleased to call Carden Park a local wedding venue for me.

Confetti at Carden Park

Google Maps

You can find the venue using Google Maps for Sat Nav using their Google Plus Code 35FR+HW Chester.

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